Sales and Acquisition

We specialize in face to face marketing. With our strong sales experience, we convert leads into loyal consumers.

Credit Card Acquisitions

At Connect6 Group we understand the importance of quality credit card acquisitions. We know our clients are looking for long time customers and we deliver. We will work to achieve your sales targets, while promoting long term use for your product. It’s not only about the sale today but the value in loyal customers.

We have experience in credit card acquisition programs in retail stores, events, malls, trade shows and gas stations.


We work closely with our clients to understand their product’s objectives. We ensure that we use the proper techniques in displaying and promoting the products in retail stores to optimize sales and consumer’s loyalty to the brand.

Lead Generation

Based on our understanding of your business, we generate leads that are qualified for your brand/service. We have worked at various events and trade shows generating quality leads for our clients.

Mystery Shopping

Every client has different expectations. We work with our partners to develop customized evaluations to determine if your brand Is being represented the way you envision. Connect6 will also provide feedback for improvement and provides in-depth reporting. We take your brand seriously.

Sales Assist

We partner with our clients to support in sales training, we provide in-field coaching and sales support for their staff. Our clients benefit from having Professional Sales Training, which allows them to surpass their targets.


At Connect6, we understand having the right staff equals the right results. We have developed a 21 question interview process, which helps us determine the right candidates for sales and marketing roles.

Door to Door Sales

The best way of connecting with potential customers is through a face to face approach. Our door to door sales team has been very lucrative to our clients since we ensure that our sales team represents your brand in a professional way.

Sampling Campaigns

With our experience, we ensure that your product is delivered to your preferred segments.